Key task:



- Complete design of Ezio's Flying Wing and its mission, from prototyping to the 2009 E3 Demo and final design. Overall production management of all its features and development. The design started with a Lua prototype in which the camera position, fires interaction and controls and their reaction time were tweaked and approved. Once in game, few values had to be tweaked again due to engine latency. The archers were created last, as a variation of the normal existing archers in the game.

- Complete revamp, polish and debug of multiple missions across the game, noticeably in sequences 7 and 8. You may find a complete walkthrough of one of these missions in this gametrailers video. These missions generally lacked in pacing or in their ability to deliver the narrative elements of the game to players and had to be streamlined a bit.

- The ballistics gameplay mechanic I was equally in charge of was cut from the game for lack of time to polish it, but made a come back in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, as shown in the game's 2010 E3 Demo.

Company: Ubisoft Montreal

Period: January '09 - November '09

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC



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